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Rule #1 in Writing Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Have you heard that there’s a rule #1 in writing real estate prospecting letters? There is, and it is this: Never, ever, ever begin a prospecting letter with the words “I” or “We.” The same rule, by the way, holds true for any type of business correspondence. Why? Because using those words is a sure […]

Writing to real estate prospects. How much is enough – or too much?

This question comes to me with regularity, and while I’d love to answer with a hard and fast rule, there isn’t one. There’s one marketer who emails me at least once a day – sometimes 2 or 3 times. I think that’s too much! On the other hand, there’s at least one who writes daily and […]

If You Want to Keep Selling Homes Through the Holidays…

The Holiday Listing Letters Are you fed up with experiencing a “slow market” in November and December?   Does your real estate practice experience holiday doldrums because people put off listing? Does that translate into too few closings in January in February? Give your listing prospects 5 good reasons to list now. The holiday listing […]