The Short Sale Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Do you still need short sale real estate prospecting letters? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Does this home need a short sale? While the number of short sales across the country has fallen, they still haven’t completely gone away.

There are still homeowners who are stuck with a house that’s not worth their mortgage balance.

And the sad thing is, many homeowners have given up on the idea of a short sale and are simply waiting for foreclosure. They don’t realize the extra heartaches and headaches they’re letting themselves in for.

You can help homeowners maintain their dignity and make a fresh start sooner by helping them complete a successful short sale. Use these letters to show them why a short sale is a far better choice than foreclosure – and that you can help them accomplish it.

So if you have the know-how, reach out!

We offer both long and short real estate letters to suit your prospecting style, so choose from:
The 8-Letter Short Sale Set – these are full page letters.

The 5-letter postcard-sized Short Sale Letters – presented in Word, Publisher, and PDF for your convenience