Do Your Marketing Pieces Tell this “Lazy Lie?”

You can’t be all things to all people.

You know it and your clients know it, so if your marketing claims you can, what does Choose good marketing over badit say about you?

What the heck am I talking about?

I’m talking about the mistake I see both online and in print ads: The habit of writing “Call on me for all your real estate needs.”

Both you and your prospects know that you cannot fulfill everyone’s real estate “needs” any more than I could provide good copy for every business in the universe. Some areas of real estate require specialized knowledge, as do many areas of marketing.

Since it’s unlikely that any one agent will possess specialized knowledge in every area of real estate, to say that you can fulfill all of anyone’s “needs” is simply a “lazy lie.”

Telling this lie is a way to avoid taking the time to reveal what you actually do.

So don’t do it. Instead, get specific. Focus in on the segment of real estate that you do know, and market yourself in that segment. You can do it even if you haven’t developed a specific niche. (Which you should do.)

For instance: If you sell homes, but not specific homes, you could say “Your guide to homes in …” and name your City or general territory.

At least then you wouldn’t be claiming to handle commercial development properties, multi-family properties, farmland, leasing, or any other specialty for which you don’t have expertise.

Think about what you offer, then take the time to write ad copy promoting your true services.

Don’t tell a lazy lie by claiming to be able to handle all of anyone’s real estate “needs.”

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