Expired Listing Letters

Prospecting for Expired Listings can be tricky – since those homeowners may be feeling a bit put out (or downright angry) with their last agent. Why should they trust you to get the job done when their last agent didn’t?

With that in mind, you need to approach cautiously, and these expired listing letters will help you do just that.

At this point you don’t know why the house didn’t sell – and even if you did, it’s best not to accuse anyone. Not the agent; and certainly not the homeowner.

Instead, our expired listing real estate prospecting letters point out what might have gone wrong by talking about how to do it right. And of course they include your offer to discuss these issues – at no obligation.

Because every agent has a different style – the Expired Listing Letters Now come in 3 different Varieties.

Order below, or click the links to learn more about each set

“The Original” 10-Letter Set

You get: 10 letters, a special report entitled “Why Didn’t it Sell?” and a seller checklist for only $97.


The Postcard Sized Expired Letters

You get all 12 postcard-sized letters plus the special report for only $57.


The 4- Letter Expired Listing Letter Set

You get the 4-letter set for $37.