Geographic Prospecting Letters

Developing a geographic territory is a good idea for 3 primary reasons:

  • You can become THE expert in everything about the area – from the regulations to the services available to new development that’s being planned.
  • Once you’re established, you’ll spend far less time driving – and burn less fuel.
  • Once you’re established, you’ll get more listing calls because you’ll be “their agent.”

Our geographic territory prospecting letters will put you front and center.

Developing a territory means making regular contact, so this set comes with 6 letters plus 9 articles that can be used as letters or compiled into a seller information book that you’ll provide upon request – all for only $57.

I suggest that in addition to these letters, you send a periodic report that lets them see the state of the real estate market in their neighborhood. Along with the report, write a short narrative telling what you think the changes (or lack of changes) means to homeowners in the area.

This set asks the obvious question – “Are you interested in selling” but then goes on to offer information to those who aren’t interested – yet.


Since only a small percentage of homeowners will be ready to move in a given year, the purpose of these letters is to establish your presence as their “go-to” person any time they have a question about real estate – and of course when they’re ready to list.