If You Want to Keep Selling Homes Through the Holidays…

The Holiday Listing Letters

Are you fed up with experiencing a “slow market” in November and December?


Does your real estate practice experience holiday doldrums because people put off listing?

Does that translate into too few closings in January in February?

Give your listing prospects 5 good reasons to list now. The holiday listing letter set consists of 5 letters, each offering another reason why now is a good time to act. Send them to listing prospects you’ve already met, or prospects who are already hearing from you. You could also post them on your blog, or include their information in your newsletter.

  • #1 points out the fact that buyers who are looking during the holidays are serious. Otherwise, they’d be spending their time in other pursuits.
  • #2 reminds people that seldom are their homes more beautiful and “homey” than when spruced up for the holidays.
  • #3 explains that there is less competition, because some sellers elect to go off the market at this time of year.
  • #4 States the importance of listing with an agent who will actually be working. Sales are lost when buyers can’t get appointments to see homes because the listing agent is taking time off.
  • #5 says “Wouldn’t a signed-around purchase agreement be a wonderful gift?”

Short and to the point, they’ll encourage serious sellers to list now – and to call you, rather than some competitor who may or may not actually be working in December. OK, so what do they cost? Because notice of this page is only being sent to agents who are already using my prospecting letters, and since they’re only useful for about 2 months out of the year, they’re yours for a very special price.  (They’re also available on my other site, but without the discount.)

As my thank you for using my letters, these 5 letters are yours for only $7.50.

Buy Now

So get yours today; personalize them; send them; and get your listings on the market while those holiday buyers are searching.