Professionally Written Real Estate Letters Prevent “Unemployment”

Professionally written Real Estate Letters, set up to be delivered on autopilot, will solve the problem of a “roller coaster” income and prevent those periods of unemployment.
keep mailing to keep business coming your way
Writing your own letters is a good idea – but only if you have:

  • Plenty of time to write, re-write, edit, and proofread each letter.
  • Knowledge of the psychology of marketing.
  • Good grammar, spelling, and word usage skills.

Your franchise or your template website may offer you letters. Unfortunately, many of those letters were written by someone with no knowledge of real estate and no training in the psychology of marketing. Thus, their approach is both backward and ineffective.

Our Real Estate Letters are written by real estate copywriter Marte Cliff – who not only knows marketing, but knows real estate as well. She left a successful 19 year career in real estate sales when she turned to writing full time. Now she writes custom copy for successful agents across the U.S. and in several other countries.

The Real Estate Letters began as a small project – with the two initial sets written to help out an agent who needed to prospect but didn’t have the funds available for custom letters.

Now they’re used not just by agents on a limited budget – but by agents who don’t like to write, don’t write well, and/or who know their time would be better spent meeting face to face with clients and following up on leads generated by their letters.

The Real Estate Letters save you time, save you money, present you as a professional, and keep you in touch with those all important people – your prospects.

Many use them in email auto responders – as follow-up pieces to buyers or sellers who have opted in to receive information. Others use them in direct mail, and some even post them on their blogs.

The collection includes letters to both buyers and sellers, so browse the tabs to see the variety available to save you time and money.