Rule #1 in Writing Real Estate Prospecting Letters

Have you heard that there’s a rule #1 in writing real estate prospecting letters? There is, and it is this:

Never, ever, ever begin a prospecting letter with the words “I” or “We.”

The same rule, by the way, holds true for any type of business correspondence.

Why? Because using those words is a sure way to get your letter sent straight to the trash basket or your email sent to the trash file.

Your prospects don’t CARE about who you are, what you want, what you think, or what you know. They care about what THEY want. So – when youprospecting letters rule #1 - no I-itis begin a correspondence with things like “I want you to know,” or “I want to talk with you about…” their first reaction will be “I don’t care.”

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever use those words in your correspondence and it doesn’t mean you can’t say “I think” when commenting on a blog post. It simply means you must use them later on – after you’ve demonstrated that you’re interested in your reader and what he or she wants, needs, thinks, or knows.

Then you can use I and we as you explain how you’re going to help them solve a problem, achieve a goal, etc.

Another rule says that you must use a form of “you” three times as often as you use a form of “I.” So go ahead, count them. If you find that you’ve got the balance wrong, re-write. There’s almost always a way to turn a sentence upside down and begin with the reader rather than the writer.

About those blog post comments: “I” is appropriate here, because the person who wrote the blog post wants you to respond and give your thoughts.

How can you begin with the reader? Here are a few examples:

  • Did you know that…
  • You already know that…
  • Are you thinking of (downsizing, selling your home, moving from an apartment into a home you own, purchasing a vacation home)
  • Is it time for YOU to make a move?
  • If you’ve been thinking of…
  • Are you curious about…
  • Are you still using that vacation home?
  • Are you tired of being a landlord?
  • Are warmer climates calling to you?
  • If your current home is becoming cramped…